How to take a screenshot on PC ?

Take a Screenshot : How to take a screenshot on PC ? Do you want to know how to take screenshot on computer? We want to tell you how to take screenshot in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 on computer and laptop.

How to take a screenshot on PC

When you create a project or website on a computer, you need to take computer screen shots in various cases.

If you are a blogger, you will need to take various screenshots at different times while writing blog articles.

Here I will show you how to take screenshots using any screenshot software with rules of thumb.

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What is a computer screenshot?

Computer Screen Shot: A screenshot is taken by bloggers while writing on their blog or anyone who needs to take screenshots on their computer.

If you are a professional blogger then the first thing you need is a screen shot. Because, when you are going to write content about a topic, then some screenshots are required according to that content. For example, you can understand clearly by looking at the screenshots on our page.

How to take a screenshot on PC

The image you are viewing is a screenshot. This screenshot was required by our content. It is added here for your understanding. Hope you can easily understand by looking at the screenshot.

How to take a  screenshots on Windows based computer?

A keyboard is attached to the computer or laptop we use today.

If you are using a Windows computer, you can take a computer screen shot of any information with the help of the keyboard.

You can take screen shot of Windows computer in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Your question may be, how to take a screen shot of the computer in Windows? Yes guys if you want to take a screen shot of a computer, you need to press Windows + PrtSen/SysRq button together on the keyboard.

Take a Screenshot
Take a Screenshot

As soon as the button is clicked, what will appear on your computer screen will be the screen shot shown in the image below.

Take a Screenshot

Easy way to take screenshot on computer

Here we show you 5 easy ways to take some great new screenshots. For this you need to read the following sections carefully.

  1. Screen shot with snipping tool
  2. Screen shot with Windows + PrtScn
  3. Screenshot with short cut-key
  4. Screen shot with Skitch

You can take computer screen shot without any hassle using these ways. We will now discuss these four computer screen shots in detail, which one can take screen shots.

1. Take a Screenshot on computer with snipping tools

We know that any computer or laptop has a software called Snipping Tools in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

You can take any computer screen shot using these snipping tools.

Now the fact is that snipping tools software can be found anywhere on a computer or laptop. Answer: To take a screenshot from the computer, you will find the Windows icon or the search option at the bottom left side of the computer screen.

Click there to search for snipping tools. See a picture for your understanding.

Take a Screenshot

Where you will see the software called Snipping Tools, click on it and then you will be given options like the image below, you can select anything by clicking on the red icon and take a screenshot.

Take a Screenshot

2. Take a Screenshot on Windows + PrtScn

If you want to take a screenshot using the keyboard on a Windows computer, you can only take it on Windows 10. Because Windows 7, Windows 8 will not have any screenshots.

Your question may be, how to take screen shot of computer in Windows 10? Yes guys if you want to take screenshot of computer, you need to press Windows + PrtSen button on keyboard.

Now you might be thinking that if you take a screenshot like this, where can you get the picture? For that, we have given a picture below, you can understand it.

Actually, the screen shot image is saved in this PC + Picture + Screenshot file.

Take a Screenshot
Take a Screenshot

3. Take a Screenshot on short cut key

If you want to take screen shot on computer using keyboard shortcut keys, here are two ways. As we know, keyboard shortcuts are very easy to use in various computer errands. If you are using Windows 10 on the computer. But you can easily take a screen shot by following the short cut key we will show.

We’ll show you the first Shot Cut key: holding Windows + G together. If not believe, now you can see the amount by pressing this key.

In addition to that key, I will show another shortcut that you can only work on Windows Windows 10, ie: press Windows + PrtSen together. We have shown this shortcut once in the above section. If you want to see one before your eyes, you can press the key.

4. Take a Screenshot on Skitch

We discussed these 3 screen shots. The most popular screen shot software is Skitch. You can take screenshots on your computer or laptop with this software.

Apart from taking screenshots using this software, you can also edit screenshots like graphic design. Then the Skitch software should be launched when it needs to take a screen shot.

If you want to take screenshots with this software, you need to download it online. Here you can edit as you wish after taking the screenshot.

The software needs to be opened for the screenshot to work here. After opening, while taking screenshot, click on Screen Snap option from the top section.

By doing this, you can see the screenshot image of the selected part of your computer. Then click on save option to save the screenshot.

Click to download Skitch software


Last words of take a screenshot on PC :

We have shared through this page how to take screenshot on computer. I hope with this discussion you can clearly understand the ways to take a good quality screenshot.

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