Kuwait Visa Number Check- How to Check Kuwait Visa Original or Fake?

Kuwait Visa Number Check- How to Check Kuwait Visa Original or Fake? how to check visa you can by this artiales. kuwait visa check by your mobile phone.

Having a legitimate visa document is an important prerequisite for all foreigners traveling to Kuwait.There are several sorts of visas issued by the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait, which differ in terms of validity.

If you’d like to know how you can verify the validity or authenticity of your Kuwait visa, you’ll do so here. Additionally, we’ll also detail the validity of various Kuwaiti visas and how to extend their validity.

Kuwait Visa Enquiry –

Those who wish to check the status and validity of their Kuwait visa can do so through the Kuwait Ministry of Interior (MOI) website.

Kuwait visa number check/ Kuwait visa enquiry by passport number –

To check the validity of your e-Visa using your passport number, simply follow the steps below:


  • Attend the official Kuwaite-Visa portal
  • Enter your passport number and e-visa reference number
  • Click “Ok”

Your visa details are going to be displayed instantly, including the status and validity of your e-Visa.

Kuwait visa check/ enquiry by visa number

As mentioned above, you’ll only check/ enquiry your Kuwait visa status using a combination of visa reference number and passport number. Currently, it’s not possible to determine your Kuwait visa number check using only one of the above.

How to Check Kuwait Visa Original of Fake?

You can easy Check on enquiry by your Civil id that your visa original or fake.

Kuwait Visa Vumber Enquiry by Civil ID

You cannot check the validity of your visa through your Civil ID. The Citizen Card issued by the Civil Information Authority (PACI) is a crucial document that both residents and foreigners living in Kuwait must possess. You’ll check the status of your Civil ID:

Alternatively, you’ll check your Citizen ID via the voice inquiry system at 1889988

Check your Kuwait visa application online

How to check if your Kuwait visa orginal or fake?

The Kuwaiti dinar is currently the strongest currency in circulation with 1 KWD equal to 3.32 USD. This has prompted many of us to come to work in Kuwait and, unfortunately, fraudsters who want to require advantage of the situation by issuing fake Kuwaiti eVisas.

To check if your Kuwait eVisa is genuine, you’ll do the following:

  • Fast you go to the officialKuwait eVisa portal
  • Enter the e-visa application number and passport number
  • Enter the right captcha code as shown
  • Click “submit”

Alternatively, if you do not have a passport number, you can-

Visit the Kuwait visaapplication status web

Enter your visa application number

Enter the captcha image displayed

Click “submit”

If your e-Visa number is recognized, the screen will show a standing of “approved”. However, if your e-Visa number is fake? you’ll see an “invalid number” status.

Kuwait visa validity period

Among the various types of visas issued by the Kuwaiti government, the foremost commons are:

Tourist Visa: Tourist visa holders can stay for 90 days. A single-entry e-visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

Business Visa: Business visa holders can stay for 30 days. One entry visa is valid for 90 days from issue.

Family Visit Visa: Family Visit Visa holders can stay for 30 days. One entry visa is valid for 90 days.

Residence visa: Residence visa includes work visa, dependent visa and student visa. Allows expatriates to remain longer.

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