NU Result- Honours Result 2nd year : 2023 with marksheet

Honours Result 2nd year : Honours Result 2nd year 2023 has ben published. This article is about National University Honours 2nd Year Exam Result. National University Fast Honours Result 2nd Year Exam 2023 is going to be published. In this article, we will discuss in detail about Honours 2nd Year Exam Result 2023.

Honours Result 2nd year

How to check Honours result 2nd year exam 2023 online or through SMS, what is the procedure to check the result and you will get all the information. So, read this article carefully.

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NU Result- Honours Result 2nd year

NU Result- Honours Result 2nd year 2023 to get now check here.  Welcome to our job news to collect National University Results. We will discuss your Honours First Year Exam Results in detail on this website. Stay with us.

Honours 2nd year Result with Marksheet

Honours 2nd year Result with Marksheet. The national university is the third largest university in the world in terms of number. On the other hand, it is an affiliated university as well as a postgraduate teaching and research university.

All Degree, Honours and Masters programs are conducted in different colleges of Bangladesh under National University. Honours 2nd year exam was over a few months ago. If you are an Honours 2nd year student then this article is for you. In this article, we will give you information about Honours First Year Exam Result. If you are looking for previous year result then you can also check your desired result from here.

When is the Honours 2nd year exam of National University held?

National University Honours 2nd year exam has started from 00-08-2022. Exam ended on 00-00-2022. The exam is going on for a month. Regular and irregular students participate in this exam. This year around 4000 students participated in Honours first year exam from various colleges in Bangladesh. So it can be said that there is a big competition here. So students need to achieve good results to advance.

Similarly several students took this exam to improve their CGPA. Similarly, those who had failed the previous year exam from other sessions also appeared for this exam. National University offers students who wish to take the exam to develop their CGPA.


When will the National University Honours 2nd year results be published?

National University of Bangladesh mentioned that in this result only students of 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 session were considered as regular students of National University who were admitted in 201-202  session. National University takes about 3-4 months to release Honours First Year Exam Result. Hopefully, we can say that the result will be released in the first week of December. So all the students have to wait till the first week of December. The results of regular and irregular students will be declared simultaneously on the same day.


NU Result 2nd Year 2022/ Honours Result 2nd year

NU Result 2nd Year 2022 of regular students

National University usually takes 3-4 months to release any result. This time the result is published after 3-4 months of Honours first year exam. On the other hand, the National University said that they will release the results of the Honours First Year Examination in the last week of December. Regular students can collect their results online and through SMS system.

NU Result 2nd Year 2022 of other students

The National University is also providing the results of participating students along with irregular students to increase their CGPA. The result will be published on the same day at the right time.. They can collect their results online and through SMS system. There not anything to concern regarding this system. The National University will publish all the results at the right time.

How to Get Honours 2nd year Result Online?

Firstly, National University publishes all results on its result website, which is So students have to login to the website. After that students have to fill some information to get the result as soon as possible. Now we will tell you how to fill that information.

  • Visit NU website to get Honours 2nd Year Result.
  • Then select (+) Honours-2nd year from the search option.
  • Then enter the exam registration number.
  • Then enter the exam year eg: “2023” year.
  • Enter the captcha code below.
  • Once done click on search result option.
  • Then Honours 2nd year exam result along with marksheet will open in front of you. You can download or print the marksheet and collect it yourself.

Honours Result 2nd year


Honours Result 2nd year


CGPA grading system in Bangladesh National University :

NU Result, Honours 2nd Year Examination Result Grading System here available. The grading system for the results of all the courses in the National University is the same. Hence the grading system for Honours first year examination results is the same. In this case up to 4.00 is counted as CGPA. Below we have prepared the mentioned grading system. Take a look…

CGPA grading system in Bangladesh National University

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Serial Number Number Letter Grade Grade Points Place Received
01 80-100 A+ 4.00 2nd class
02 75-79 A 3.75 2nd class
03 70-74 A- 3.50 2nd class
04 65-69 B+ 3.25 2nd class
05 60-64 B 3.00 2nd class
06 55-59 B- 2.75 2nd class
07 50-54 C+ 2.50 2nd class
08 45-49 C 2.25 2nd lower class
09 40-44 D 2.00 3rd class
10 00-39 F 00 Fail


NU Honours Result 2nd year 2023 



National University Honours 2nd year Exam Result 2023 is discussed in detail above this article. If you are an Honours 2nd Year student then you have read the above detailed information carefully and managed to collect your desired result. In this article, we have the results of all courses of National University, routine form fillup admission notification, and also visit our page to get all the updates of National University first.

In addition to National University, you will find Bangladesh Government, Private, NGO, Bank, Defense all job news in this page. Visit our website to get daily job news. Thank you all sincerely for collecting Honours Result 2nd Year exam from our website.


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