Degree Exam Routine 2023 : Degree 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year Exam Routine PDF Now

Degree Exam Routine 2023 : National University Degree Pass 03 (Three) Year Course Exam Routine is simultaneously published on this website. You can quickly download all year routines from our website.

Here you can collect all year routines of National University degree pass and certificate courses like: Degree 1st year routine, Degree 2nd year routine, Degree 3rd year routine.

Degree Exam Routine 2023

Degree Exam Routine 2023. If you are a degree course student then this post is important for you. And you can first download the routine on this website and collect it for yourself.

Degree Exam Routine 2023
Degree Exam Routine 2023


Besides, all degree course notices are published on our website. Like: Routine, form filling notice, degree admission notification and all examination results.

Degree Exam Routine 2023

If you want to get all the above information at once then you are at the right place. We know that a large number of students participate in degree courses every year. After completing the above courses all the students look for jobs in their future life.

Currently, the job market in the country is very difficult. But no need to worry you can earn money online right now after completing your degree course.

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National University Degree Exam Routine 2023

As I said earlier, you can find all the information about National University degrees on this page. For that you just have to read the articles of this post carefully.

Besides reading this post you can download degree all routines and know all process of online income.


Degree Examination Information

All courses of National University have to apply online to fill the form for the particular academic year before the commencement of examination. The form filling notice is first published on our website.

Each student has up to 1 (one) month after the publication of form filling notice. All students have to complete the form filling process within the said period.

After completing the form filling, the National University authorities publish the routine for the students after 1 (one) month from the last day of form filling through their official website

The above routines are collected from NU website and uploaded here on our website for the convenience of every student. If you are a regular visitor of our website then you must know this.


What information can the degree course collect?

We have informed you above what information is available on our site. For your convenience we are again saying that what information about the degree course can be collected through this page. For more information the following bellow:


1. Degree 1st Year Course Information:


  • Degree 1st Year Admission Notification 2023
  • Degree 1st Year Form Fillup Notice 2023
  • Degree 1st Year Routine 2023
  • Degree 1st Year Result 2023

2. Degree 2nd Year Course Information:


  • Degree 2nd Year Admission Notification 2023
  • Degree 2nd Year Form Fillup Notice 2023
  • Degree 2nd Year Routine 2023
  • Degree 2nd Year Result 2023

3. Degree 3rd Year Course Information:


  • Degree 3rd Year Admission Notification 2023
  • Degree 3rd Year Form Fillup Notice 2023
  • Degree 3rd Year Routine 2023
  • Degree 3rd Year Result 2023


National University Degree Examination Result Grading System is as follows:

Every student of National University should know how the grading system of degree result is. Our class from 5th to 12th got the highest GPA value of 5.00 but the grading system of National University is completely different.

The previous classes were GPA 5.00 in our grading system but it is different in National University here there is no GPA here it is said that the maximum value of CGPA is 4.00.

According to the above information we will show you how the result grading system of NU is. We know that the result grading system of all courses in National University is same. Likewise, the grading system of degree courses is also the same. But let’s take a look at the grading systems of national universities.

Below I show you a list of grading systems. Watch it carefully.


Serial Number Number Letter Grade Grade Points Place Received
01 80-100 A+ 4.00 2nd class
02 75-79 A 3.75 2nd class
03 70-74 A- 3.50 2nd class
04 65-69 B+ 3.25 2nd class
05 60-64 B 3.00 2nd class
06 55-59 B- 2.75 2nd class
07 50-54 C+ 2.50 2nd class
08 45-49 C 2.25 2nd lower class
09 40-44 D 2.00 3rd class
10 00-39 F 00 Fail


Degree Exam 03 (Three) Year Routine Download PDF

Want to download national university degree pass and certificate course exam routine in PDF file format. No need to worry if that’s what you want. We have presented the procedure to download the degree exam routine on this page. Which you can easily click and download.


Click below button to download degree exam routine in pdf file format.


Degree 1st Year Routine Download


Degree 2nd Year Routine Download


Degree 3rd Year Routine Download PDF


In addition to the above degree examination routine, you will get Bangladesh government and private job news and all the updated notices of national universities on this website. If you want to get all updates through this page then visit regularly.

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Final Word:

In this post of ours you can know how to download degree exam routine. If you benefit from reading this post of ours then don’t forget to share the post with us. Thank you

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