How Check My Airtel/ Robi/ GP/ Banglalink/ Teletalk Sim Number ?

How Check My Airtel/ Robi/ GP/ Banglalink/ Teletalk Sim Number ?  by your mobill we discused this article.


Check Airtel/ Robi/ GP/ Banglalink/ Teletalk Sim Number 

Here is the USSD code to check own mobile number of all operators. It’s okay to forget your own phone number. Especially when the number or SIM card is new. For each mobile operator, there are simple USSD codes that will help you easily find out your phone number in just a second. For your own convenience, it is important to know and remember your mobile phone number. But there may be situations when, for several reasons, we are unable to recall our own number, or we remember it partially. Many times this happens to an elderly person or a person who is not very comfortable using mobile devices. You may need the number to top up your phone balance or give it to someone when they need it. Each mobile operator company has its own simple solution to the problem. Simply enter and dial the short USSD code from your phone’s dial pad and your mobile number should immediately appear on your phone’s screen.

I have discussed here how to check your mobile number. There are currently five mobile operators. These are Grameephone (GP), Robi, Airtel, Banglalink and Teletalk. All operators have a system for checking their own mobile numbers.


How to Check My GP Number ?



Grameenphone is widely known as GP in Bangladesh. It is the biggest telecom operator in Bangladesh. If you are a GP SIM card holder and want to check your mobile number, you need to dial the USSD code to check your own number. USSD code is *2# and *111*8#


How to Check Banglalink Number?



Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd is launching a mobile service providing services in Bangladesh which is known as Banglalink for short. To make sure your own Banglalink number, the USSD code is *511#. It is a way to find information about Banglalink Number.


How to Check Teletalk Number?



Teletalk Sim is on of the Government sim of Bangladesh. It’s different of others sim. Sus ass all admission forms, result, all educational fee payment etc this sim operator working. Teletalk number check code *551#


How to Check Robi Number?



Robi is the 3rd biggest mobile operator in Bangladesh. The parent company is Robi Axiata Berhad. You might be surprised that Robi’s mobile number can be checked by dialing *140*2*4#


How to Check Airtel Number?



Airtel is a brand new company in Bangladesh. It is an Indian multinational company that provides telecommunication services. Airtel is formerly known as Warid. A common question that most users search is how to find Airtel number. Airtel number can be checked by dialing Airtel no check USSD code *121*7*3#.


Airtel Number Check For Click Now


Check Airtel Number, Banglalink, Gp, Robi and Teletalk Number


Check Grameen Phone Robi Teletalk Banglalink Airtel Number


In the above section, we have already discussed the processes of checking the numbers of individual mobile operators. Here, at a glance, we will recap all the processes of checking operator numbers.


Operator Name

Check Own Mobile Number

Airtel (016)

Dial * 121*7*3#

Robi (018)


Grameen Phone (017)

*2# OR *111*8#

Banglalink (019)


Teletalk (015)



1. How to Airtel Number Check?
Check for Airtel Number USSD Code Dial Now *121*7*3#

2. What is Airtel BD Number code?

Airtel BD Number Check Code is *121*7*3#.

3. How to check your Teletalk number?

Checking your Teletalk number is very simple. Just dial code *551#

4. How to check your own number?

To check your own number, just dial the USSD code of your mobile SIM operator.

5. What is the check code of banglalink number?

Banglalink number check code is *511#.


That’s all about GP, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel and Teletalk Operators of Bangladesh custom mobile number check system. You can call the customer line for more details. Thank you for staying with us.

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